Clinics & Lessons

Cucumber Classes

Pickle-what?! If you are brand new to the game, our First Timer “Cucumber Class” is for you. Designed to help you learn the rules, get a feel for the paddle and start dinking! Includes a 30 minute tutorial and 30 minutes of assisted play. $15/class

Can’t make Wednesdays or have a group? Ask about private lessons.


Upcoming Clinics

Ladies 201 – Small Group Clinic with Soly G – (4-Week Clinic)

What we’ll cover: This 4-week skill based clinic will focus on various elements to help you improve your game and strategies for all types of play, It will also introduce elements to help you to better execute YOUR game when playing mixed doubles, and handle situations when you may need to dictate the pace of points.  It will help you to improve your transitions on the court through third shot selections and defensive resets.  Additionally, it will give you the tools to counter hard paced shots, and potentially deal with targeting situations in higher level play.  

Ladies 301 – Small Group Clinic with Soly G – (4-Week Clinic)

What we’ll cover: BEST FOR 201 graduates or players, or players who have had been playing for a while and may have plateaued. This 4-week skill based clinic is designed to add more advanced tools to your arsenal.  Each week different shots will be enhanced or introduced, with an emphasis on consistent blocking, quality dropping, and ability to apply pressure to your opponents.  Additionally, there will be an enhanced strategic element, as well as a focus of shot selection, and playing with intent! 

Bangers and Banging – Intermediate/Advanced Clinic with Zach and Soly

What we’ll cover: BEST FOR PLAYERS WHO WANT TO IMPROVE THEIR HIGH PACE GAME AS WELL AS DIFFUSE OTHER’S HARDER AND FASTER SHOTS.  This clinic will focus on drive technique, better hard shot selection, and improved speedups.  Conversely this course will focus on handling the harder paced game, and regaining control of points. 

It’s About Time – Intermediate/Advanced Clinic with Zach and Soly

What we’ll cover: BEST FOR  mid-level intermediate to mid-advanced players looking to step of their game and find higher levels of success in Advanced level play. Pickleball comes down to the time we need to effectively make quality shots, and the ability to cut down your opponents time to do the same.  If you are looking to stay at the kitchen longer, take less defensive steps away, and control the pace and time of your opponents play this clinic will teach you more about understanding how to create more time for yourself and less for your opponents.


Here at Dropshots, we have 4 awesome instructors available for private lessons, groups, clinics and teambuilding. From the very beginner to the most advanced, our instructors are ready to take your game play to the next level.

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